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Bottle Cap Staff

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Bottle caps as music notes? You bet! This clever activity keeps students engaged and uses recycled bottle caps! Just collect bottle caps from 2 liter or 20 ounce bottles. (Caps should be 3/4 of an inch to an inch in diameter. If you don't have bottle caps you could use a 1 inch circle punch and create manipulatives of this activity instead.)

Included in this download is a blank bottle cap staff, 36 bottle cap staff sheets with words spelled using bottle caps placed on the treble staff, a workstation sign, a task card with directions for students to use in a workstation and suggestions for using this kit in whole group and small group activities. The answer sheets are also included in a smaller size (4 to a sheet) for ease of use in small groups.

Use this activity to reinforce pitch names on the treble staff. With younger students use the blank staff to practice placing "notes" on lines or spaces, creating melodies that move up, down or stay the same and much more!

PDF 50 pages


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