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Christmas Centers / Workstations

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This kit includes materials for 9 workstations. Suggestions are included for several more stations as well. The target age group is 3rd through 5th grades although adaptions can be made for both younger and older students.

Stations included:

Picture and Rhythm Match-Up This Smart Notebook file challenges students to match the number of syllables in a picture to the note(s) that make the same number of sounds. This file only works with Smart Notebook. It is not available in other versions. Please do not purchase this kit if you are unable to access the appropriate software.

Do You Hear What I Hear? - This listening sheet is designed to be used in a listening center. Choose any holiday music you wish for this activity. This is a great station to add music for Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

Snow Your Notes Card Game- Similar to "Go Fish" this card game encourages reading treble clef pitches.

Frozen Instrument Families- Students find instrument names in a puzzle (which reinforces the correct spelling) and then group them (or bundle them up!) by families.

Trim the Tree - Identifying pitch names by coloring a Christmas tree is a fun way to reinforce this basic skill.

Christmas Counts - This worksheet requires students to draw notes that match the syllables in holiday pictures and then create their own patterns.

Snowman Dance- Use pictures of dancing snowmen, students are challenged to choreograph an original dance. You pick the music that you want them to work with and let their imaginations do the rest.

Rap It Clap It Music Match It Days in December  Rap it, Clap it, Music Match it is an activity that challenges students to say the name of the picture on 12 thematic cards, clap it to discover the number of syllables it has and then match it to notes that represent those syllables. Notes included are quarter note and barred eighth notes. Included in this download is a sheet of directions suitable for using in a center or workstation, 3 syllable/rhythm pattern pile guides, 12 cards (6 to a sheet), a recording worksheet that asks students to circle the rhythm they hear and a second worksheet that asks students to write down their answer under the correct number of syllables/rhythm pattern.

Swat the Rhythm 1 and 2 Christmas Editions
In each kit you will receive 16 rhythms with holiday clipart (penguins and elves). One kit uses tikitiki, ta, titi and sh (16th notes, quarter note, paired eighth notes and quarter rest) and the other uses ta, titi, and sh (quarter note, paired eighth notes and quarter rest). In addition a sign for a workstation, a task card with directions for students and suggestions for use.

Instructions for teachers and suggestions for each workstation are included. All files are PDF (except the Smart Notebook file) and are zipped for delivery.

52+ pages PDFs in a zipped folder, SmartNotebook File

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