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Music Town Parking Center - Music Workstation

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Music Town Parking Center – a workstation using little cars

Your students are WHEELY going to like this workstation! Students are asked to drive their little cars into a matching parking space in Music Town.

Here’s what is included in this download:

•8 music town parking sheets with the name of 24 different notes, rests and symbols. Students will park their answers near a school, library, cinema and more.
•8 music town parking sheets with the same symbols but each note, rest or symbol is actually pictured in the parking space. This makes this activity easy for your youngest learners.
•1 Music Town Parking Guide –This sheet lists all the symbols and their names. Use this in your workstation as a reference or have students use it to check their answers.
•2 Worksheets – These worksheets ask students to take a closer look at Music Town and answer a few questions.

Also included are suggestions for setting up and using this workstation.

Here are the symbols that are included in the parking spaces:
Bar Line
Bass Clef
Dotted Half Note
Eighth Note
Eighth Rest
Half Note
Half Rest
Quarter Note
Quarter Rest
Repeat Sign
Sixteenth Notes
Time Signature
Treble Clef
Whole Note
Whole Rest

Take a look at the preview to see more details. You can also see more photos of this workstation in my blog post, Music Town Parking Center -A Workstation with Little Cars

PDF 21 pages


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