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Dabber Activities for Music Class – INTERVALS

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Dabber Activities for Music Class – INTERVALS
Dabbers, daubers, bingo markers, dot markers…whatever you call them, they make learning fun! This is a collection of worksheets to use with the dot markers. Use them in music centers or workstations, as part of whole group instruction or in your private studio. If you don’t have dabbers you can have students color in their response or use dot stickers instead.

In this download you will receive 8 worksheets that focus on interval on the treble clef staff.
1 worksheet for each of the following interval: unison, seconds, major and minor thirds, fourths, fifths and octaves
1 worksheet that asks students to identify 6th and 7ths
1 worksheets that asks students to identify each of the interval mentioned above

PDF 8 pages


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