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The Wizard of Oz MEGA Pack

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The musical, The Wizard of Oz has been a favorite for generations. This product gives you a wide variety of worksheets, writing prompts and activities to use with your students. This set was designed for grades 1-8 but could easily work for high school classes as well. Check out the preview for a list of activities with suggested grade levels.

Most of the activities in this set require no musical knowledge, so you can confidently leave pages from this set for a substitute teacher. The viewing guide and coloring sheet could be used while watching the musical, but the other sheets were designed to be used after viewing.

PLEASE NOTE: The viewing guide was created to go along with the 1939 movie version of this musical. The viewing guide was designed to be used while watching the movie. All of the other sheets could work after viewing any other recording or performance of The Wizard of Oz.

Here’s what you’ll get:
Viewing Guide and Answer Key -2 page viewing guide appropriate for 5th grade and up
Movie Remake –Retell the story of The Wizard of Oz (2nd and up)
Parts of a Musical –a page to discuss the four basic components of a musical
Rainbow Write –Retell the story and your favorite parts on a rainbow.
Test Yourself – create a quiz about this musical
Take Two – Write an alternate ending to the story
Character Analysis-13 different pages to use to analyze, describe and compare characters
My Favorite Character –draw and write about a favorite character
Comparing Songs –complete a Venn diagram to compare and contrast two songs from the musical and a sheet that names two songs to compare
My Favorite Song – draw and write about a favorite song from the musical
Musical Playbill –create one for this musical
Somewhere Over Where? – draw the setting of this musical
Scene It– illustrate a scene from this musical
Already There –write to explain deeper thinking
Adjectives of Oz – Circle adjectives that describe each character and then write your own
If I Only Had –Two versions of this worksheet that asks students what they would ask the Wizard for and what they would do with it
Traveling Shoes –Two versions of this worksheet with a writing prompt about traveling with magic shoes
Word Power – match vocabulary from the musical with their definitions (key included)
Word Search and Key
1 Coloring Sheet

39 pages


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