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Sounds Like a Dynamic Fall Bulletin Board Kit for Music Class

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Fall is a great time to decorate your classroom This leafy board will brighten up any bulletin board! This kit contains 12 pairs of dynamic definitions. (They are not all displayed in the sample above.) The pairs are the same color and shape so that you may use them in a variety of ways. One leaf contains the word (example: "piano") and its partner leaf in the same color contains the definition (example: "soft"). The leaves are approximately 4 inches tall and fit 4 to a page.

This kit could also work as a music workstation or center. Instruct students to match the dynamic word with its definition or have them put them in order from softest to loudest.

Title letters are not included in this kit. The kit contains just the 12 pairs of dynamic definitions on the leaves. These files come as PDF files in a zipped folder.

6 pages


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