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Secret Agent Freeze Dance and Creative Movement

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Secret Agent Freeze Dance and Creative Movement
Great for brain breaks or for inspiring creative movement, this set will have your kids wiggling those wiggles out and exploring a wide range of motions. This set features a secret agent theme and can be used year round. Consider adding it to other sets in my store for unlimited creativity! Included in this set:

Secret Agent Day Freeze Dance
In this activity students dance to the music that you choose (some fabulous suggestions for sneaky spy tunes are included) and freeze in a pose on one of the freeze cards. In this edition the cards show contain secret agent and ninja themed characters. You can make this an elimination game by having students that wiggle after the Freeze card is shown sit out.

This activity can be projected and used like a PowerPoint. This file is NOT a PowerPoint, but viewing it in Full Screen Mode lets it work in much the same way. It can also be printed and you can hold up the posters and stop the music when you want students to freeze.

Creative Movement-Secret Agent Edition
In this activity students will create movements to match the characters and descriptions on the cards. This set includes dances like “Security Crawl”, “Double Trouble”, “Stoop and Spy” and “Spy in the Sky”. Students interpret the pictures and descriptions to come up with their own unique dance. Start the music and hold up one of these cards to see students' imaginations ignite.

47 pages


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