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Printing Tips Posters for Computer Lab –Camping Theme

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Printing Tips Posters for Computer Lab –Camping Theme

As a teacher in the computer lab my biggest problem every day was printing. Too much printing, unauthorized printing, printing of things that they didn’t really need….I could go on. These tips remind students to mindful of their printing habits.

Included in this download are 8 full sheet posters with reminders like:
Check for errors before you print.
If you are printing from a webpage, select ONLY the text that you need.
If you can, use a smaller font size. This can reduce document size and save paper.
and five more.

Also included in this download is an editable PowerPoint template. Use this template to create reminders that may be specific to your lab or printing rules. A link to the font used in the originals is included so that you can create new posters that match.

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13 pages


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