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Parodies for Learning

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Song parodies aren't just for Weird Al! Use this kit to guide your students to write their own educational parody. In this unit students sing a few parodies, choose from a list of topics and tunes and write their own. This was designed for students in third through sixth grades, but could be useful to junior high students too. I allow students to work with a partner for this project but it can be used for individual work or even with larger groups.

This kit includes:
1. A list of topics (like telling time, using manners, spelling color words, etc...) and a list of possible tunes to use (She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, etc...)

2. A sheet with 5 sample educational parodies to sing with your class.

3. A rough draft sheet.

4. A final copy sheet

5. A suggested teaching sequence for this unit. I teach this to 6th graders in two 50 minute periods. You may be able to do it in three 30 class periods or less. I don't assign homework so I always plan enough time in class for students to finish projects.

The kit has some color elements in case you choose to project some of the sheets, but all of the sheets reproduce well in black and white.

This kit was designed with the music teacher in mind, but could easily be used by an ELA teacher too.

This kit comes as PDFs in a compressed folder.  5 pages

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