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Musical Mnemonics

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Mnemonics are the perfect way to remember the lines of treble and bass clef staves. Everybody knows “Every Good Boy Does Fine” for the treble clef staff, but what other creative ideas can your students come up with?

In this download you will receive a brainstorming sheet for the treble clef staff and then a response sheet that students can use to record their best three sayings. Also included are 10 pages of seasonal pieces of clipart with a space for your students to record their new mnemonic sayings. Shapes included: pumpkin, apple, heart, soccer ball, sweater, hippos, gifts, smores, hands and clapboards. Clever ideas for bulletin board titles for each of these shapes are also included.
Copies of the worksheets and seasonal pages for the bass clef lines are also included.

25 pages


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