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Music Roll and Cover - ANIMALS

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Grab some dice and let’s get rolling! Roll and Cover is an activity that can be used with partners, small groups and individually (although with a friend is more fun!).

To play, students roll a standard die, then look on the Roll and Cover sheet to see what note or symbol that represents. The next step is to find a piece of the picture puzzle with that same note or symbol it and color it. Play continues and the next person has a turn in a similar fashion. The first one to cover all of the symbols WINS!

In this edition, students will color animal pictures. Many of the animals correspond with the characters in Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals. This would be a nice workstation for this topic. Animals included: lion, chicken, donkey, tortoise, elephant, kangaroo, fish, bird, dog, horse, monkey and dragon

Dice value and note values are matched up when possible. Included on these sheets: quarter note, half note, dotted half note, whole note, treble clef and bass clef.

Two versions are included. The first version lists the note or clef that matches the symbol in the picture. The second version uses words and the students have to identify it by finding the symbol in the picture.

PDFs 25 pages

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