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Listen, Play, Sing Performance Rubric Posters for Music Class

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Scoring guides and rubrics are a great way for musicians to evaluate themselves. Post these rubrics in your classroom and use them with your students to focus their attention and hone their skills. Included in this pack are 3 posters (designed for regular letter size paper): Listen, Sing and Play.

Each poster is scored by numbers and by faces (with appropriate expressions) so that they can be used with a wide range of students. In my class I refer to these posters after we've performed a song or before/after a listening piece. After, I ask students to rate their performance by holding up the number of fingers that matches the descriptors on the rubrics. These handy posters really facilitate great conversations and student led critiques.


4 My attention is always on the performance or the teacher. I model excellent listening skills for others.
3 I listen attentively, but sometimes my attention wanders. I’m quiet but sometimes I move around or fidget.
2 I listen sometimes, but I need reminders from the teacher to pay attention.
1 I need many reminders to sit quietly and listen. Sometimes I have to be moved to another seat or removed from my performance group.

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