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Classroom Conversations/ Discussion Bulletin Board

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Classroom Conversation Prompts Bulletin Board

Display these conversation stems as a visual reminder for students on ways to participate in class or small group discussions. See the preview for a closer look.

This set contains:
-7 headers in a primary colored set and a brights set (See the preview for a closer look.)
-7 of the same headers for both color schemes with clipart
-4 things to do when listening
-38 prompts (two to a page) that give students the words to say when participating in a class discussion.
“I like what ____ said because _____.”
“I see your side, but _____.”
“I’m not sure I understand. Can you explain it again?”
“I know _____ because the text said _____.”
“I can relate to this because ______.”
“What are your thoughts?”

The title says “Let’s Talk” and comes as a single sheet and as larger letters to cut out and display. The headers fit a full letter sized sheet and say:
When You Agree
When You Disagree
When You Need Help or More Information
When You Cite Evidence
When You Make a Connection
When You Want to Include Someone
When You are Listening

The headers and prompts are color coded for displaying together. Display the whole kit or just the prompts that you would like your students to see. Using this in a small area? Check out your printer settings to learn how to print two pages on one sheet of paper. If you use Adobe Reader, you can do this from its menu.

Each set is 41 pages longs. There is also an ink saving version included for your convenience. Print it on colored paper to color code them or to make them perfect match your classroom colors. Three sets of 41 pages long means you get 123 pages to choose from!


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