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Carnival of the Animals Coloring Book

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I’m always looking for ways to keep students listening to the delightful music of Saint Saens’ Carnival of the Animals. One of my favorite ways is to provide a coloring sheet while listening to a piece from this collection over and over. It helps the students associate the music with the character they are coloring.

This download features a set of 16 coloring pages. You could provide a single sheet at a time or you could copy and staple them together to create coloring book. Included are pages for each of the pieces in Carnival of the Animals, a title sheet and a page about the composer.

Titles in the coloring books appears as follows:
Royal March of the Lions
Hens and Roosters
Wild Donkeys
Personages with Long Ears
Cuckoo in the Woods
The Aviary
The Swan

Three sizes are included: full sheet pages, 2 coloring sheets to a page and 4 coloring sheets to a page. Multiple formats will allow you to customize the use of the coloring sheets to fit your classes, your copying limits and your time constraints.

This product would be great for use in a music workstation or center.

The coloring pages come as PDFs in a zipped file. 28 total pages

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