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Writing Prompts with a Music Theme Set of 30

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This large set of writing prompts is perfect for the music teacher or a regular classroom teacher looking to add a musical emphasis to student writing. This download contains 30 music themed writing prompts and 1 blank prompt sheet for you to use with oral writing prompts or questions on the board.

Prompts include a variety of topics like band, choir, American Idol, songs from childhood, holiday songs, a day with only singing, planning a music video and more. Some prompts ask students to write stories, letters, persuasive paragraphs and opinions. They work well as stand alone projects, but could be used in music centers or workstations.

This set was designed for use with general music students in grades 3-12. Why such a large grade span? To meet the needs of the K-6, K-8 and K-12 music teacher. The prompts are the same for each grade level, but what you expect from students will change. For example, from third graders you may expect 5 sentences. For tenth graders you may expect two detailed paragraphs.

This kit comes as a PDF and includes a table of contents for your convenience.

31 pages PDF


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