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Rap It, Clap It, Music Match It U.S.A Edition

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Patriotic Rap It, Clap It, Music Match It U.S.A. Edition

Rap it, Clap it, Music Match it is an activity that challenges students to say the name of the picture on 12 thematic cards, clap it to discover the number of syllables it has and then match it to notes that represent those syllables.

Notes included are barred eighth notes, quarter notes and 4 barred 16th notes.

Included in this download is a sheet of directions suitable for using in a center or workstation, 3 syllable/rhythm pattern pile guides, 12 cards (6 to a sheet), a recording worksheet that asks students to circle the rhythm they hear and a second worksheet that asks students to write down their answer under the correct number of syllables/rhythm pattern.

Although great consideration has been given to the varying ways that the pictures may be pronounced in various areas of the world, you may find instances where a three syllabled word is listed as “ta titi”(quarter barred eighths) when you would say it as “titi ta” (barred eighths quarter note). For this and other differences in pronunciation, an answer key for the worksheets has not been included. I think you will find the worksheets are simple and quick to grade even without the key.

9 pages


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