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Construction Treble Clef Music Bulletin Board

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Constructing the Staff with Lines and Spaces Bulletin Board
Treble Clef Bulletin Board Display
Looking for an attention getting display to reinforce the names of the lines and spaces of the treble clef staff? This construction themed bulletin board is it! Included in this download is a label for each line and space on the staff using a colorful traffic cone. A title sheet is included for use for smaller display areas and larger title words are included as well.

Here’s what is in this download:
E F G A B C D E F on colorful traffic cones. They are approximately four inches tall.
A title sheet that says “Constructing the Staff with Lines and Spaces”
Title letters for the same title that are a little larger and can be cut out individually.
Suggestions for displaying this bulletin board, including ideas for backgrounds and borders.

Prepare your bulletin board by adding a background paper and lines for the staff. I usually use colored masking tape for the lines of this kind of display but any kind of tape would work. You could also use streamers, ribbon or long, thin strips of paper. Add the labels on the appropriate lines or spaces as shown in the picture.

11 pages


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