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Caterpillar Rhythms Bulletin Board

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This bulletin board kit can be displayed all at once or put together weekly for rhythm review in your classes. There are 30 simple rhythm patterns included on the round body pieces. Head and tail pieces are included. The rhythm patterns are in 4/4 time and include quarter notes, eighth notes, barred eighth notes, half notes and quarter rests.

Title letters are not included. The picture shows a partial kit.

I have used this kit in my classroom as a workstation. Students work in groups to create rhythm caterpillars and clap them together. Be warned! These caterpillars get pretty big and the kids have a fabulous time clapping and counting!

Print several copies of this kit and create one LONG caterpillar rhythm for your 100th Day celebration.

This kit includes files in PDF format and comes in a zipped folder.  32 pages


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