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Growth Mindset Bulletin Board Jedi Mindset

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This colorful bulletin board encourages students not to give in to the dark side and instead to change their mindset. Nine dark side statements are paired with 9 contrasting light side statements about personal outlook and perseverance. No mind tricks here, just great ways to turn around negative self-talk.

Included in this download you will receive:
-9 dark side and 9 light side sheets (letter size). The dark side is a negative thought that you might have with a fixed mindset. The light side statements are positive, growth mindset statements. They are designed to match up and be posted in pairs. For example:
Dark side: Give up. There is no use in trying.
Light side: I think I’ll try some of the strategies I’ve learned.

Dark side: This is too hard for you.
Light side: This is going to take some practice, but I can do it!

-Title letters/words that spell out “Jedi Mindset Don’t give in to the dark side.”
-Tips for displaying this set.

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